Nedjeljni zabavnik-Sunday-TV Show for Children, (18 show-programs á 1,5 hour), directed by Timothy Byford, Vajta sings and acts there, writes songs as well. It was awarded at the International TV-Festival in Bratislava (Czechoslovakia) as the best European broadcasting for children (mid 80-ties)
  Teversenove bajke - Teversen´s Fairytales - TV-Show for the youth (7 show-programs á 1 hour), Vajta sings and acts there (RTV Sarajevo, 1974)
Muzicki tobogan - Musical Caleidoscope (RTV Novi Sad, 1986)
  Cudesni sesir gospodina Gdje-mi-je-brada (A Miraculous Hat of a Gentleman Called Where-Is-My-Beard) - New Year´s Live Show for children -Vajta sings and acts there (1986 & 1987)
  Teatar za djecu - Theatre for Children (RTV Sarajevo, 1987)
  Maleni i raja - Appeal for Peace (TV AS & Radio Mostar, 1991)